Curriculum Development

Activities and exercises that culminate designing and building of computational products to address real-world challenges.

Professional Development

Trainings include: Hands-on STEM to enhance teaching and learning and Grant writing support.

Raspberry Pi Workshops

Workshops led by certified instructors coaching educators in how to use physical computing to enhance teaching and leaning.

Teachers Collaborating

Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Workshops designed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills they need to teach computing with confidently and creatively.

Participants will learn basic physical computing techniques using Raspberry Pi and computer components.

Pi Pack

Hands-on STEM Activities

Exercises and learning activities combine hardware and software knowledge for a hands-on approach to computer science. Students will learn to troubleshoot hardware assembly and circuitry.

Do $35 computers really exist?
Yes, they do!

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, palm sized computer. Inductive Strategies offers workshops giving educators the opportunity to explore physical computing and learn how the programming languages Scratch and Python are used to explore and create with the device.

Clients Include:
– Dysart Unified Elementary School
– The Maricopa County School
Superintendent’s Office
– South Mountain Community College
– Phoenix AKArama Foundation